Benefits of Learning with JEI

JEI Learning Centre is successful with their students because of well-trained directors and small classroom sizes. 

Our ONE-ON-ONE tuition style encourages children to overcome any doubts and move forward with confidence.

By providing a fun and friendly online environment for primary age learning, our experienced tutors foster the right mindset for taking on the challenges of the core subjects.

How Does a JEI Online Tuition Work?

The JEI online tutoring procedure is built on the core features of passion, innovation, dedication, honesty, loyalty and integrity. The tutor and student interact live on a shared whiteboard, working together in the tutoring sessions, which are designed entirely based on the student’s requirements, time availability, goals and aptitude.

1. Diagnostic Assessment Process

Students are guided through our diagnostic assessment or pre-assessment, which focuses on the area of domain knowledge before beginning tutoring. A personalised program is designed according to the outcome of the diagnosis. JEI diagnostic tests consist of three steps as follows:
•Diagnostic Test: This is an assessment test to determine the student’s current ability in the subject, prior to enrolling in the JEI program. The test result will be used to produce an Individual Prescription Program Report (IPPR) that outlines an individual learning program schedule for a set period of time.
•Interim Test (Maths): The student takes a test at the completion of each weekly workbook to assess their understanding of the workbook’s objectives.
• Achievement Test: An assessment test is taken after finishing the schedule obtained from the IPPR. The results will guide the student’s next steps, such as working on the next tier of progress or reviewing material before moving on.
☞ Note: The Centre/Tutor can adjust the program and materials at their discretion with reference to the student’s progress.

Students will study with the weekly workbook and take the interim test at the end of each week until the prescribed study programme is completed. After which students will take an achievement test to create a new study plan. 

2. Knowing the Tutor and Trial Session

Students are taken through the diagnostic assessment in the relevant domain of learning before joining the session. An individual student’s learning program and schedule is planned according to the outcomes of the diagnostic test, which is referred to as the IPPR.

3. Online Session Progress

The Centre Operator coordinates the session chart, shares it with the tutor and informally reports student progress to parents.

The student will receive workbook(s) for their program, and they will review each weekly workbook in a session with their tutor.

The tutor will teach the key concept objectives in the workbook and assign some pages for practice. Afterwards, the student will complete the workbook independently as homework, with any supplements included as part of their additional practice.

Each session duration is set based on the typical primary student’s concentration attention span – usually less than half an hour per subject.

4. Process Recording and Report

The Centre will report on assessment, diagnostic and achievement tests (IPPR).
Student Session Record: The Centre keeps a record of each student’s session performance for reference and to document progress, participation level and other metrics.
The Centre will report to parents at the end of each semester to assess performance and progress and to plan future sessions.

5. Mentoring Communication

Our Centre Operators are accountable for a range of quality control reviews: to provide general system support, manage the performance of our tutors and students, assist to identify and prepare tutor resources, recommend any corrective actions, provide guidance through difficult situations, follow up any required administrative support, and ensure quality through general oversight of the team.

6. Managing End Result

The Centre Operator will continuously monitor sessions and communicate with parents to share observations. Student progress is continually analysed, and corrective measures are implemented to facilitate the student’s efficient progress.

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