The JEI Self-Learning Methoed is an innovate and unique education system in which students can study independently.

JEI's internationally acclaimed Self-Learning Method will help develop confidence in children with an individually paced, step-by-step learning programme. Once inspired and motivated after starting with our programme, children can begin to enjoy learning independently furthering their potential growth exponentially. Take our proprietary diagnostic test at a JEI Learning Centre to get started. The assessment will pinpoint the lacking areas and prescribe an individual study programme based on needs.


JEI starts from the belief of an individual’s infinite potential.
JEI's Self-Learning Philosophy believes that the creativity of an individual can be unlocked when infinite potential and one’s natural abilities are combined with the right educational environment. The individualized Self-Learning System, combined with JEI Instructors who motivate and engage students, as well as the parents that continue to encourage students at home, create the triad that supports students in the Self-Learning Method.


JEI improves children’s study habits.
JEI helps to improve children’s study habits through constant provision of customized programmed workbooks to reach the full potential of the student.


JEI achieves ‘A Better Life Through Better Education’.
To become the world’s top educational organization, JEI promotes the idea to fulfill lifelong learning with the philosophy, “A Better Life Through Better Education.” JEI accomplishes this goal by creating an educational environment where all children have the ability to become strong leaders of tomorrow by helping to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The Learning System For Your Child

JEI offers an outstanding supplementary education option for parents and students due to the overwhelming dedication and qualities of our center directors. Their deep-rooted passion for education and desire to offer the very best to the children in their communities is one of key driving forces of JEI’s success.

In addition, JEI offers a One-on-One ratio online class ensuring that each student receives enough personal attention and archive the learning effects.

A Comfortable Starting Point Leads to Accelerated Progress

It is crucial that students begin at a comfortable starting point. The prescribed learning programme for the first few weeks is remedial and will thus seem easy. This helps to build confidence in every student, but especially in those who are behind in their school work; their progress will accelerate once they have filled in the gaps, and they will eventually move ahead of their school level.

A strong foundation is essential for long-term success.

Students must master the concepts and skills specific to their needs before their progress can accelerate.

Dedicated & Qualified Tutors

Our team members are the heart of the JEI Online Learning Centre. We have been lucky enough to assemble a great team of passionate and knowledgeable tutors.

We guarantee that all of our tutor partners are of the utmost quality. They are selected from a pool of successful VCE students and mentored through a rigorous process. All tutors were screened according to their ATAR score as high achievers across the state and hold a current Working with Children Check (WWCC).

They understand the importance of helping students become to well-rounded individuals both in and out of school. It is our priority that children of all ages should feel confident in their thoughts, voices and performance. Implementing these values is both a profession and a passion for our team members. They gladly carry this message to everyone who they interact with in scheduled on-screen sessions.

Interested in working at our JEI Online Centre?

If you love working with children, having a tutor experience and want to start tutor career, we’d like to learn more about you.
Please contact us for further discussion.

Equal Employment Opportunity

JEI’s policies and the programs each year that all hiring, compensation and other employment decisions are based on individual merit and not on any bias towards gender, ethnicity, age, colour, race, marital status, religion, disability or military status.

We base our employment decisions upon the qualifications and abilities of each individual. 

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