How Does JEI Online Help Your Child’s Learning ?

If your child is struggling to catch up in school ?

It can be very tough for struggling children to catch up in the classroom, particularly as they tend to be low in confidence. Typically, these children have weak foundational skills, and they are not ready to learn what is being taught in the classroom.

With the JEI diagnostic system, we will perform an assessment to identify gaps and learning starting points for your child. We will then begin tutoring your child at their level and create an Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR) for them.

Our online learning programs, combined with our tutors and rewards program, will give your child the confidence to learn. Your child will begin to get questions right and feel better about learning Maths and English. They will catch up to their peers and become more confident, and this will soon start to show in the

If your child is intermediate level; is average enough?

Our child’s ability should be assessed as much more than ‘not a problem’ when given suitable support. However, without the right support, there is a risk they will fall behind and lose confidence altogether.

We will assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses to identify the topics holding your child back. We will then create a learning plan to help fix those problem areas. Once they have caught up, we will begin to consolidate their classroom learning and introduce them to topics before they meet them in class.

By combining our programs with our tutors, we can help ensure that your child has all the support they need to be better than just ‘acceptable’.

If you want your child to advance and strive for excellence ?

To begin with, we will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child at each level with our diagnostic tests. We will first quickly address any gaps or weaknesses, before challenging them to advance through the program at their own speed. Using the combination of our programs with supplemental materials, parents can be confident their child has all the support they need to reach their potential in Maths and English.

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